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Land Ownership and Community life

Self-organization and collaborative spaces for carving out one’s own paths in search of well-being

When a country is labeled as “developing” it is assumed that the only way forward is the one marked out by “developed” countries, which in their turn meet the divine mandate of continuing to advance unchecked. Modernity, consumer society and representative democracy are unquestionably the port toward which the boat should be directed, whose motor is the established social system and international institutions; the political class and international cooperation are the lighthouses that guide seafarers.

This view is challenged from both the north and the south. From Permact, we dedicate this section to the organized civil society that is seeking to sculpt their own future from the horizontality, self-organization and network collaboration; there are many examples from long ago that are being used and that show us ways to change the rules. Cooperatives and community associations, communities that coexist and make decisions by consensus, native title and laws of traditional uses…From top to bottom, reflecting the concept of each community’s self-development is a great experience in which we can all participate.

Translated by Ana Joldes and Kerlene Telesford