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About the Permact Network

¿What is the Permact Network?

Back in our beginnings in 2013, we used to personally visit all the projects. We do believe that direct contact is important to establish a relationship of trust. Now, even if we continue to personally visit some, we want to reach more places and connect more people. That is why we decided to create the Permact Network, to open Permact to more people so anyone can suggest sustainable inspiring projects around the world. In that sense, the Permact Network is a collaborative map of sustainable projects.

How does it work?

The idea is very simple, we have prepared a questionnaire that anyone can fill out. We will also send it to projects we are interested in but can’t visit. We will read the answers and put the project information in the Permact map, but with a different logo than the projects we personally visit. We are also open to suggestions so if you know of any project that you believe it would be interesting to include, we will be happy to get in touch with them. We want to expand the movement and create a platform of bottom-up inspiring alternative ways of living.

Do you want to join?

Ok, we came with this idea: the Permakers! Yep! We thought that anyone in the world can be a Permaker. But what does this mean? Permaker is someone that collaborates with the Permact Network actively looking for projects and writing about them, creating videos or photo stories. That is why we created another questionnaire were we explain our goals and show all the different ways one can be a Permaker. In addition, we are also open to comments! If you are interested you can fill out the form and be a Permaker! Furthermore, if you have a friend, acquaintance or family member who you think might be interested, feel free to spread the word! The more people communicating about a sustainable future, the more chances we have to actually create one!