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Tools and Technology

Knowledge used to create a more environmentally-friendly way of life for the planet and ourselves.

The pace of life we lead on a global scale, excess energy consumption, use of fossil fuels, disproportionate consumption, poor waste management… they are all leading to the collapse of our planet and humanity itself. Having known about the problem for a long time, but always attempting to look the other way, governments make long-term agreements they know they cannot fulfill and we, the people, are too busy with our lives and lack of conviction to believe we can take action.

What is certain is that there are already many recognized technologies and tools, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, which can help make our daily lives a little more sustainable and less dependent on the system. Among these are: creative reuse and recycling of waste, traditional tools, use of bicycles and electric bicycles, solar technology (ovens, stoves, water and air heaters, photovoltaic and thermal plates…), efficient wood-fire and pallet ovens, fuels made from organic remains (bio-diesel), bio-char from reforestation, bio-digesters, wind and water micro-generators, transition engineering, organic waste composters, green roofs…  I am sure many of these are familiar to you. If each one of us begins to do our part, our collective strength will start to make things change. Be part of this change.[/learn_more]

Translated by Lynne M. and Kerlene Telesford