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Earth and Nature Management

Permaculture, local seeds and ecological agriculture care for the Earth that feeds us. How to obtain and use natural goods and services respecting ecological balance.

Since the beginning of Permact, we have focused on promoting projects that support food sustainability, production of quality food for all and preservation of environment for other animal and plant species in order to optimize the occupied space. We backed initiatives that guarantee the future of coming generations by means of fairly short and long-term fair environmental practices that contribute in social terms to social inclusion and empowerment.

We supported initiatives that avoid relationships with large corporations that might create dependency and local poverty in the long run. Thus, we give a voice to companies that encourage the variety of local monocultures and food sovereignty instead of promoting companies based on large-scale, market-dependent monocultures (such as genetically modified soybeans in Argentina for example). There are a number of practices that support this objective: agroforestry, biodynamics, organic agriculture, forest gardens, local seed banks, efficient water use, reducing wastefulness on plantations, integrated aquaculture, holistic field management, urban vegetable gardens, etc.

On the one hand, taking care of the land because it feeds us and, on the other hand, because it is part of the great interconnectivity of the planet, is key to addressing and solving small and large-scale environmental problems such as climate change, nitrogen and phosphorus contamination in rivers, loss of biodiversity and epoxy in estuaries due to fertilizers. You will find some of the projects that we shared since Permact below. For sure, there is more than one near your location that you can visit and experience.

Translated by Kerlene Telesford and Lina Scarpellini