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Constructed Spaces

Environmentally-friendly securing and use of natural goods and services

With a population of 7.2 billion inhabitants including the current consumption figures, we realize that exponential increase is impractical on a finite planet. Today, we’ve already surpassed 3 of the 9 planetary limits and we are bordering on the limit of the others. With the prospect of reaching 8 billion in 2025, an urgent change in the way of obtaining our goods and services is needed.

 At Permact,  we believe that it is possible to achieve occupation and management of constructed spaces that would reduce our impact on the planet, taking advantage of the natural resources that surround us in an intelligent manner, there are many practices that would help us to this purpose; some of them are: building with natural and alternative materials, bio-architecture, self-sufficient houses, passive solar planning, auto-construction, buildings resistant to natural disasters, collection and reuse of water, adaptation to local characteristics…

Many projects that use some of these techniques already exist, demonstrating that once again, if you want to, you can and that the results obtained are very satisfying. We share their experience, encouraging those who want to imitate it, if they could, you can too!

Translated by Kerlene Telesford and Karina Marchini