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Education and Culture

The role of education and free media in overcoming mechanisms of social control

Every social system has mechanisms meant to guarantee its perpetuity. One of the most evident is the control of public opinion through the media.  This helps create a homogeneous, industrial, commercialized culture that, far from encouraging creativity and critical thinking, instead extols only the values that sustain the status quo. The same may be argued about some educational systems, oriented more towards manufacturing workers for the machine of production than actually practicing essential pedagogy.

At Permact, we look for projects that are concerned with stimulating critical thinking and free thought. Education, culture, and the free media offer ways to rescue our capability to think for ourselves. There are a number of positive trends in these areas, including home schooling, alternative education systems (such as Waldorf, green schools, and Montesori), participatory art and music, social ecology, active research, alternative press, and free media. Moreover, some traditional schools are now integrating new teaching methods intended to arouse the conscience of the students, inspiring them to get involved in this paradigm shift we are experiencing as a society.

Translated by Kerlene Telesford