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Posted by on Apr 21, 2014 | 0 comments

New Leaf and Turning Ideas into Reality

When a friend of Cristina was working as a professor in a university in Sweden, one of his students told him about a project that was about to start: New Leaf. Eventually, we went to visit this organization, and even though her friend was not there, Eric and other colleagues showed us what this and other organizations like and Green Towers are doing to help the community of State College to become more sustainable.

New leaf, a hub for the community

According to data from the year 2000, State College has a population of 38,420 residents and it occupies an area of 11.9 square kilometers. Like any city, village, town, or neighbourhood, it has its own microculture, its microenvironment, its challenges, things that stand out and things that need improvement. Let’s go to State College to visit the organization called New Leaf. Read more.

Co-space, a house for social innovation

We have chosen because we think it is a young initiative with a great potential and it is already set up to reach other places around the world. One issue that we haven’t dealt with yet is education, and we believe that one of the best ways to learn is by creating space for dialogue. This is what this initiative aims to do and more. Read more.

Wroted by Cristina Bajet.

Translated by Maria Inserillo

See the pictures of this project bellow:


Learn more about this project at:

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